• le acque cristalline danno vita ad una flora rigogliosissima
  • i piedi dei monti della Marsica
  • il Lago Fibreno risorsa per le popolazioni della Valle di Comino
  • la flora del lago ed i suoi sgargianti colori
  • l'acqua freddissima della sorgente del Fibreno

Lago of Posta Fibreno: a good opportunity for a walk outdoors.

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With the arrival of spring it feels like a walk in the open air, so today we decided to bring in the Regional Natural Reserve of Lake Posta Fibreno.

Riserva Naturale del lago di Posta Fibreno

The reserve is not far from our farm, which lies in the Comino Valley, and we decided to organize a picnic lunch. There is, in fact, a beautiful lawn equipped with wooden tables and benches, where you can have a picnic in the family and free to leave the children to play safe.

For sports lovers, at the Lake of Posta Fibreno you can fish, hike or go on diving expeditions: For information, AssoScuba (Association of divers Sora); for those who do not want to arrive unprepared for the visit and want to decide the itinerary before you can click here.

Croce sul fondo del Lago di Posta fibreno

Meanwhile, you decide how to spend a day at Lake Posta Fibreno we can give you some information?

  • A karst spring gave birth to Lake Posta Fibreno River marking the beginning of Cicero, further downstream, from Arpino, through the lands eponymous Latin poet;
  • The lake, which is characterized by a floating island, surrounded by a lush reeds, home to many animal friends: foxes, weasels, skunks and a large variety of birds. If you are lucky, during a boat ride on the waters of intense colors, which went from emerald green to blue, you could see the Carpione Fibreno: a rare trout species found only in these waters.

lago di Posta Fibreno: area attrezzata per pic-nic

After the picnic, we decided to take a nice walk along the lake and, for today, no boat ride … maybe next time, partly because the lake harboring a secret on the bottom that, in the most sunny days, one can see through its transparent waters.

You want to know what? well, you just have to come to Lake Posta Fibreno: if you want a packed lunch I will prepare us, otherwise you can have lunch at our farm and then come here for a walk!

There seems to be a great program for a Sunday by family or go with friends.

Visit us at our farm! See you soon.